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28. Lipanj 2023

[english] Queen Omega: "Music has its own language and message"

Interview with Queen Omega

Reggae hr: What is the situation like in the music industry in Trinidad and Tobago? What kind of institutional support exists for musicians, if any?
Queen Omega: As of this moment we are now trying to build our music industry… What we have is seasons where different genres of music is played for eg during Carnival time December to February calypso and soca is played heavily on all the local radio stations. However we have all genres playing throughout the year.

Reggae hr: Is there any rivalry between the islands of Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago?
Queen Omega: Not at all no rivalry is just respect. We host a lot of stage shows in Trinidad with Jamaican artiste  Some of the biggest reggae/dancehall concerts are held on the island.

Reggae hr: You are known for advocating for women's rights in the industry. Do you see any concrete progress in the representation of women in the reggae scene?

Queen Omega: I don't really see myself as an advocate for women. What I know through my music I spread the awareness of the strength and duty of a woman. The understanding that we are made equal as humans and that our voices must be heard. I see more women coming out with their versions to tell their story so to me this is a positive outlook.

Reggae hr: Whom would you highlight as emerging female vocalists in the reggae industry?
Queen Omega: I would love to highlight Kushite and Jalifa two sisters from my island who is showing consistency and resonance. I had the opportunity to collaborate with them on my album Freedom Legacy and they are blazing the trail in Trinidad & Tobago.

Reggae hr: You started your music career fighting against patriarchy and injustice in society. Have you faced any difficulties due to the rebelliousness in your songs?
Queen Omega: The Universe had been gracious and merciful to me. The truth is imperative to be told and if sometimes u can be the only voice that speak out for injustice in society you will be guided and protected. The elements and all life that exist is on your side because truth sets us all free

Reggae hr: The first Croatian riddim EP "Bun Dem" which you recorded with our producer Dr. Obi and local vocalists Tenna Star and Anja G, is still popular on our scene. Have you ever had the opportunity to perform that single live?
Queen Omega: I have not got the opportunity to perform this song live but that is how it is when you do collaboration. Sometime you wait and it seems almost impossible then BOOM u meet backstage at a show where you all are and there the chance is in your face.

Riddim EP - "Bun Dem" Riddim

Reggae hr: You have gathered excellent guests on your album "Freedom Legacy" (Kushite, Jalifa, Soom T, Julian Marley, Yannis Odua, and Marcus Gad). How did you choose the guests?
Queen Omega: It was really a team effort.I did not choose as to say but it was presented to me. There were many options but management and team help to decide who was best in terms if style vocalability and availability. I trust the team and we worked together so I followed direction and worked hard to ensure that the music was pleasing to the ears first to my ears that is…

Album review: Queen Omega - “Freedom Legacy”

Reggae hr: You are currently on a European tour with the album "Freedom Legacy." How has the audience response been to your performances and the new material?

Queen Omega: The massive the musical family as I say….it is always a joy to see my family full joy the message in the music. It has been received well so far and people are singing along which is fuel to the fire u know. It is fulfilling and exciting and the same time. Music is therapeutic so I am always ready to heal and make my music family feel better and elevated.

Reggae hr: Over the years, have you covered all the topics that concern you in your songs, or should we wait for new material to hear what else you have to say?
Queen Omega: Really I can't say if I cover all topics. When I write I don't search what to song about rather I let the music speak to me. Music has its own language it's own message if you listen attentively. Many times the music said something to me and the way I felt I try to put it in words and melody to create a song. Guess that's how it's done most times is all about the frequency.


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