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16. Listopad 2023

[english] Skarra Mucci: "I am doing this more for love than fame"

Interview with Skarra Mucci
Reggae hr: Your biography says you recorded your first song at the age of 9. Was that a defining moment when you decided to be a musician?
Skarra Mucci: I was born a musician, I was singing in a church choir at age 4 So my whole life is music infected. I was there for an audition like he used to be in Jamaica and I was the only person chosen by Harry J in person.

Reggae hr: How significant was the success of the "Return of the Raggamuffin" album to you?
Skarra Mucci: Honestly, it's been amazing achievement, my aim was high, and I was very satisfied that I exceeded my goal by miles. This album makes me perform all over the globe and open so many gates for me. Give thanks.

Reggae hr: The reggae audience in the Balkans follows and knows your work, mostly through your collaboration with the Croatian reggae duo Banana Zvuk in "Your Gal My Gal," and you've also collaborated with many international artists. How did you choose your collaborations, and do you have any interesting anecdotes from the recording sessions or tour?

Skarra Mucci: I love the Balkans and my brothers Banana Zvuk. Was really great working with them. I normally collaborate with people I connect with or the idea they have in mind to share. It's also an attitude of helping other fellow artist to rise in form of holding the door behind you for the next to enter. Music is my life so I am always ready and waiting to record or tour anytime.

Reggae hr: You've become a key figure in the dancehall world. Does that label impress you?

Skarra Mucci: I am doing this more for love than fame. So it’s very impressive how far I came and still rising because of the love of the people and the positive vibes and energy distributed throughout my concerts and recordings. I have people who follow since decades, their support is amazing to me! I call them my family.

Reggae hr: You were born in Jamaica but live in Europe. What are your thoughts on the development of reggae music on the island today, and is it similar to the development in the rest of the world?

Skarra Mucci: As we know whatever happens musically in Jamaica has a big effect on the music business international because of the evolvement and growth of the music our music on an instrumental scale lt’s becoming very similar all across the globe. Jamaican music is big everywhere. I have a base when I tour in Europe and I stay there between my gigs… I can’t wait to come back in Jamaica at the end of the first part of the perfect timing tour.

Reggae hr: You've released your eighth album, "Perfect Timing." How satisfied are you with the feedback?
Skarra Mucci: It's an amazing achievement once more, and I am very very very impressed and excited. I am thankful for the positive feedbacks until now. And it gets more and more daily, big love and thanks to everyone.

Reggae hr: You continue to collaborate with your backing band, Dub Akom. How did you initially come together for live performances, and how active are you in recording studio material?

Skarra Mucci: Yes. Dub Akom are my musicians since 7 years we have a truly unmatched musical and natural connection which makes it a great pleasure to work and create with them they are like family. I am always recording when there is time and space between rehearsal and shows, so we recorded couple of tracks for my new album and we finished to put two songs with them. Positive energy and good vibes is the most important for the Creativity you can listen "Dancehall" and "Perfect Timing" who influenced the name of the album…

Reggae hr: What was your guiding idea in creating the new album "Perfect Timing"?
Skarra Mucci: You know music is a feeling for me, it came naturally so I never really plan nothing. I start to recorded some tracks and then I decided to do more and I stay in lab and worked with many musicians and riddim makers to create this album. It’s a little part of my adventure, my travels and my vision of life. This is a conscious and various album in terms of melody and notes.

Reggae hr: Last words for your fans everywhere?
Skarra Mucci: Looking at our world today and the focus of the people, I thought they could do with a wakeup call, also to acknowledge what going on and that we are the ones responsible for our wellbeing and happiness. And we should help each other to see the beauty of each person plant animals etc. and value them as much as you value yourself with a vision of equality and respect for diversity.

Thank you for your time
Had fun answering your questions
Jah love real love
More love more life
Yours truly Skarra Mucci

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