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15. Rujan 2014

Dub Fi Youth

Dub Fi Youth je belgijska dub obitelj koja se na našem Seasplashu osjećala kao doma zahvaljujući našim domaćinima, i više nego dobro raspoloženoj publici.

U kratkom intervjuu između nastupa, predstavili su nam sebe i svrhu svog rada. Ukratko, jednostavno, i najbitnije, u više nego dobrom raspoloženju. Upoznajte ekipu koja je svojim mixom riddima "Rasta we rasta" raspametila publiku.

Reggae hr: If I can notice, you're quite a big crew, how did you gather?
Sil: Around 2006., and then we collected vynils and more friends to start a sound system. After our final gathering, we started to organise our own events.

Reggae hr: Why did you choose to express yourselves through sound system culture?
Smurf&Ubuntu: I think it's the only way I can experience some kind of consciousness in music. Actually, I want to present the whole experience, not only strive to the music. We have a lot to share to people around us, not just the beat. Honestly, a wrong order of values in the world really bothers me. Above all, bothers me the fact that almost everything on the TV gives a bad example to the youth. Makes me feel angry and sad. Luckily, there's a freedom of a choice and it makes us happy to have an opportunity to present the way we see (or want to see) the world. Youths have a right to choose, but we have a right to present our example.

Reggae hr: How hard is for you to work affectively on the dub scene and underground generally?
Ubuntu: You have to believe in what you do. No, really, it's not so hard, because everything comes from the inside if you really want to. You see our team; we have a lot of talents, combine them together, but still work as individuals, like a family. We are from the west side of Belgium, in a town with many youths and a big potential, but we still have problems with organising events. Mostly because of the bourgeois politics.

Reggae hr: Who's who in „Dub Fi Youth“ crew?
Ubuntu: Well, we have 2 selectors and operators; Bredda Sil, and me, Ubuntu Dread. Rudy Roots and Smurf are the MCs and DJs, sista Fien on mellodica, and our vocal, Shimmy Timmy. And there's Umberto from „Marabunta Generation“, and Fred, he's in charge for the sound system, and organiser of events.

Reggae hr: Who's „guilty“ for your arrival to Croatian events?
Sil: The connection with Radikal Dub Kolektiv goes back already 10 years. We invited them to play in Belgium, so we kept the connection with them. And now they invited us. RDK (Digitron SS) really inspired me, they looked like a quite radikal group. We have some differences in performing, but we want to make our community a better place. Along with Croatian dub family.


Tekst:   Lovorka Ibrić


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