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14. Srpanj 2014

Reservoir Dub

Umjesto likova u odijelima, kovčega punog love i oružja, dočekala su me dva nasmijana belgijska plavušana, čupavi Digitronac i vino. Blizu.

I dalje se ispravljam da je „Dub“, a ne „Dog“, no morala sam saznati kakve to muzike spremaju za našu publiku i izvući još pokoju informaciju. Kažu da im je ovo drugi posjet, stoga je red da upoznate Reservoir Dub.

Reggae hr: Gentlemen, why did you choose to be a part of soundsystem culture?
Jeff (Reservoir Dub): I can say that this is just a result of my cruising around festivals, and hanging with Jamma. Dim, with who I started the „Reservoir Dub Showcase“.
Ichman (Reservoir Dub): Since I was a kid I played music, and the love for instruments and reggae took me to producing dub. After founding a ska reggae band with Mighty Patch and lot of friends in Brussels, we met Jamma Dim and Jeff, and the love happened!

Reggae hr: Fabulous! That supposed to mean that the dub scene in Belgium is also full of love?
Jeff (Reservoir Dub): There's a lot of steppers there, and a very good support between artists. Dub scene is concentrated in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. Althought proper reggae is prefered in the French part.
Ichman (Reservoir Dub): Every weekend there's a party in a different town. I can say there's a lot of „steppin“ vibes and a lot of Belgium sound systems. I think every sound system does it truly, and each of them have a story. Even if they sound like shit (which doesn’t happen too much).

Reggae hr: And your selections sound like...?
Jeff (Reservoir Dub): Different; on our radio show we're more focused on roots reggae music, and our selections vary from roots reggae to digital steppers. Depends on the venue, on the mood, and the vibe. You can hear a bit of everything.

Reggae hr: And the rest of you guys are...?
Ichman (Reservoir Dub): The saxophonist and a producer, Mighty Patch, and the trumpetist Jamma Dim, and a bunch of people who're with us. You know, friends, and saviors. And the groupies! From Jeff&Ich with love

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Tekst:   Lovorka Ibrić

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