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6. Veljača 2023

[english] Mellow Mood: "Jamaica is a source of incredible creativity in music that it’s worthy to be researched"

Interview with Mellow Mood

Reggae hr: You just started with the tour, after the last two COVID years did you miss life on the road?
Mellow Mood: Definitely, it is what we’ve missed the most and we are very happy to be back at what we love.

Reggae hr: Dark times have fallen on our planet with nationalism and populism on the rise everywhere. This has made a lot of artists fight this sentiment with their music. What's your recipe, to fight the darkness?

Mellow Mood: I would honestly put on top of the “dark time list” what has happened the last 2/3 years, in my opinion nothing has separated people and put us one against the other more than the way governments and media has dealt with the Covid situation. We’ve seen our institutions promoting hate and discrimination in our country on a daily basis. People lost their jobs, got suspended, got canceled. Not even nationalism was able to do that. Our response to dark feelings is making music with Light. Our latest album “Mañana” was written and recorded during this hard period and it’s full of hope, faith and love for Life. We do our best to deliver songs that can inspire higher sentiments.

Album review: Mellow Mood - “Mañana”

Reggae hr: How is it to be a part of the alternative/underground scene for so long and watch it grow, change?
Mellow Mood: I’m sure I have a full clear vision on what’s up with the alternative scene. Regarding reggae, it is not facing the brightest time, but we don’t give up. The amount of people who attend reggae shows is smaller than before and it looks like the new generations don’t listen to reggae a lot. We hope it’s just a matter of time and we keep working hard.
Reggae hr: At what moment, or achievement, in your career, are you most proud of?    
Mellow Mood: There are many topic moments, shows or collaborations, but I think that what we are most proud of is the fact that after a long time we are still here together, doing what we love the most and making people feel a bit better with our music.

Reggae hr: It's your first time in Zagreb, and in Croatia, are you familiar with the Croatian reggae scene?    
Mellow Mood: Honestly not. But we will be soon!

Reggae hr: In your opinion, could music make a big change in people, to motivate them to start something new? Do you have an example of that?
Mellow Mood: Yes, music is powerful. From lifting your spirit when you’re down to being the soundtrack of a movement for change. For example, look how reggae music, especially Bob Marley’s songs have inspired people all over the globe…creating festivals, bands and so on.

Reggae hr: What kind of music do you prefer to listen to privately? Can you name some albums you love and some artists whose music you appreciate?    
Mellow Mood: We love Jamaican music, all of it. From mento to dancehall. If I have to mention artists or albums it would be endless, Jamaica is a source of incredible creativity in music that it’s worthy to be researched.
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