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18. Svi 2015

Theo Clarke (Future Dub Orchestra)

Naša Lovorka popričala je s tekstopiscem i producentom bristolskog sastava Future Dub Orchestra, Theom Clarkom.

Njihova kombinacija duba, elektronike i ambijentalne muzike nikoga ne ostavlja ravnodušnim. 

Reggae hr: Your music is described as „Cinematic Ambient Soundscape“, so can you tell us more about this genre?
Theo (FDO): Future Dub Orchestra music is a combination of sound System Culture, Dub, Electronica, & Film Music. Growing up in Bristol was a melting pot of cultures, & the influence of music in the city is a massive part of my DNA.
Reggae hr: What was the crucial moment that stimulated you becoming a producer?
Theo (FDO): The crucial moment for me recording @ the famous coach house studios in Bristol, were Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead recorded, gave me the opportunity to hone my skills in song writing & musicianship, creating my sound as a producer. This was a pivotal moment in my musical career to this day.
Reggae hr: Does your inspiration come in a heat of a moment, or do you prefer to carefully plan your projects?
Theo (FDO): Inspiration comes to me @ any given moment, from a sound, an observation in life in general, a conversation, things I see on a daily basis to a memory or moments in time, to what's going on in the world.
Reggae hr: Are you familiar with the Croatian audience of this genre?
Theo (FDO): I have heard & see amazing things about Croatian culture, & know the love & appetite you have for great music & open to except new & old genres. & the growing festival scene. FDO would to be invited to experience a Croatian audience.
Reggae hr: If you're not, tell us what can we expect from you guys?
Theo (FDO): You can expect heavyweight sounds from Cinematic Dub, Electronica D&B collective. Great live show pulsating break beats, dub soundscapes.
Reggae hr: What's the most positive story that you can tell us from your performances?
Theo (FDO): FDO have been really lucky performing with some great audience, recently we did a show in London with Roni Size & represent, & Roni & his band loved our performance, Roni being from Bristol also meant a lot.
Reggae hr: Do you know some of the artists from the ex-yu scene?
Theo (FDO): Not really.
Reggae hr: During your musical work, who did you cooperate with and who would you like to cooperate with in future?
Theo (FDO): No collaboration at present, but always open if the vibe is right.
Reggae hr: Tell us spomething more about Future Dub Orchestra.
Theo (FDO): Future Dub Orchestra is always moving their sound forward but always keeping their roots in Dub, Electronica, & sound system culture, & not afraid to experiment. Music is an emotion, a feeling a lasting memory. Future Dub Orchestra is determined to move music forward.

Foto: S Lyall for Future Orchestra Productions

Tekst:   Lovorka Ibrić

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